Northside Campfire Cruise – Saturday April 21st

Northside Campfire Cruise – Saturday April 21st

WHAT: Northside Campfire Cruise
WHERE: Elk River
WHEN: Saturday April 21st
TIME: 3pm to 10pm

START LOCATION: Target in Maple Grove

BRIEF: Scenic river and lakeside cruise thru northern Minnesota followed by pizza, a campfire and an outdoor movie.

DETAILS: You are invited to make a drive from Maple Grove to points north and west on Saturday, April 21st. We will gather at the Target Maple Grove location (15300 Grove Circle N Maple Grove, MN 55369) and depart at 3 pm. Taking backroads and avoiding 94 we will travel through Rogers, Alberville and Monticello before visiting the Clearwater Travel Center as our first planned stop. The drive is nice with several lakes, rolling countryside and fast roads. We will make a spectacle of ourselves by driving through the heart of Monticello on our way to Otsego via CR39 which follows the mighty Mississippi. There is photo opportunity I would like to take a quick look at and a Cold Stone Creamery if there is interest. From there we make a run down Dayton River Road then on to Darin’s new place in Elk River. Pizza should be waiting on us by the time we get there (5:30-6 pm estimated). With 10 acres and a long driveway there is off street parking for everyone! Check out his “Speed Shop” and new hydraulic lift. Ask him to explain why he has three trucks (all Dodge of course) if he has a work vehicle and, if he gives you a good answer, please explain it to me! Enjoy some time together talking all things Challenger and Mopar and sit by the fire. We plan to screen the original Vanishing Point on a large outdoor screen when darkness falls. We will have chairs but please bring your own if you can so nobody is left standing. Adult beverages are welcome but it is BYOB.

Breakfast Cruise – Saturday April 7th

Breakfast Cruise to Cars & Coffee – Saturday April 7th

WHAT: Breakfast Cruise to Cars & Coffee in Chanhassen
WHEN: Saturday April 7th
TIME: 6:30am-11am

START LOCATION: Wampach’s Restaurant in Shakopee
START TIME: 6:30am

UPDATE: In effort to get everyone breakfast, I would encourage people to show up at 6:30am if you want to eat. Wampach’s has space for maybe 40 people in the restaurant. If we all show up at the same time, we are going to be waiting for tables. If you want to skip breakfast, you can just jump in on the cruise when we leave downtown Shakopee at 7:45am.

WAMPACHS PARKING: We have plenty of room for parking on the east side of Wampach’s then east along 1st Ave. The cruise will exit east down 1st avenue to the light on Hwy 101. Park anywhere along 1st avenue and we can all exit together without a fuss. I have marked up an aerial photo to show parking areas. The red represents recommended parking areas. The bright yellow represents the route we will take out of downtown Shakopee. Park anywhere in the red areas and it will be easy for you to jump in with the group. Note: Wampachs is on the left side of the photo.


DETAILS: Meet at Wampachs restaurant in Shakopee for breakfast at 6:30am. Eat breakfast. Head over to the Automotorplex in Chanhassen for Cars & Coffee. We should arrive at the Automotorplex around 8am. Once everyone parks, we can disperse and look at cars, have some coffee and hang out. At 10am, we will leave the Automotorplex to continue our cruise to a second destination. This second cruise will be scenic and last approximately one hour.

MORE: Wampach’s is an old diner located near the 101 bridge in downtown Shakopee. They serve a great breakfast. The first cruise will be short but scenic. The second cruise will be longer. If the sun is out, this should be a great event.

AUTOMOTORPLEX PARKING: The Automotorplex added space for an additional 250 cars this year with capacity for 1000 cars. We should be good for space.


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