Mopar Cruise for MS – Sunday November 13th

Mopar Cruise for MS – Sunday November 13th

WHAT: Mopar Cruise for MS
WHERE: St James Minnesota
WHO: Anyone driving a Mopar
WHEN: November 13th 2011
TIME: 10am to 5pm

A fellow Mopar fanatic, Ron Engel, has been disabled with MS and needs some cheering up. His doctor has reached out to his friends to see if they could give Ron a ride in his favorite car, a 1972 Dodge Demon. Al Meehan from Midwest Mopars has stepped up to the task and has invited MnChallengers along for the ride. Al’s son Max has a ’72 Demon and will be giving Ron a ride. What better thing to do than lead a cruise with a bunch of Mopar fanatics following behind him for a cruise.

We will meet at O’Reilly Auto Parts near Buck Hill in Lakeville. We will leave the lot at 10am and cruise down to the city of Saint James Minnesota. We will make a lunch stop along the way. We will meet up with Al Meehan at a Dairy Queen near Saint James at 1pm. We will then cruise to the nursing home in Saint James to surprise Ron Engel with a ride in his favorite car, the Dodge Demon.

With daylight savings starting this weekend, it will get dark early. We will leave Saint James around 3pm and drive back to the cities. We should get back to Lakeville around 5pm.

I’m wondering if you guys would want to drive along with us on this deal. Recently we received a call from a Dr. Lindy C. Eatwell of St. James, MN with a special request. One of his patients, 63 year old Ron Engle, also of St. James is suffering with MS and his time is now very limited. He was disabled with MS in Feb 2003 and has been confined to a nursing home since March of 2009. His condition has deteriorated to the point now where he is largely immobile. Dr. Eatwell has gotten to know Ron very well over the years and besides finding out that Ron was a Vietnam Vet discovered that he is also a “dyed-in-the wool” Mopar fan. He was very active with his cars and trucks in the past and misses them greatly.

Dr. Eatwell reached out to us in hopes that he could set up a surprise for him and arrange for Ron to ride in his favorite car, a Dodge Demon. Before Ron was stricken with this debilitating disease he was in the process of restoring his prized 1972 Dodge Demon – it is in pieces now as I understand it. As it turns out, my 20 year old son Max (who is in the ROTC at the University of Minnesota while attending the University of St Thomas) has a restored 1972 Demon and jumped at the opportunity to do something for him as a future fellow serviceman.

Rather than Max, my daughter Amanda and I showing up with two or three cars I’d like this to be something more (for Ron and the other residents) and show up with as many cars as possible. I know – people are normally reticent to drive their babies in the rain let alone mid-November when weather could easily be ice and snow. There is some urgency in the matter so we plan to do this rain, snow or shine on November 13th at 2pm. More details to follow shortly.

The Pleasant View Nursing home staff in St. James is very excited to do this for one of their residents and especially for Ron. They have made preparations to get him from his special wheel chair into the Demon where Max will take him for a short ride escorted by many other muscle cars. I’ll probably get the St. James police involved too.

Boyd Huppert of KARE 11 is going to cover the story and run it in his Minnesota Land of 10,000 Stories segment as well. There will be something going up on the club’s website and Facebook in the next few hours too.

Let me know what you think.