MnChallengers – Spring Cruise – May 1st

MnChallengers – Spring Cruise – Sunday May 1st

WHAT: Spring Cruise
WHEN: Sunday May 1st
TIME: 9am
WHO: Anyone who owns a Challenger (New or Old)

DESCRIPTION: Scenic River Run from Hastings to Wabasha

CRUISE ROUTE: Take WI 35 from Prescott to Nelson, cross the river to Wabasha then Hwy 61 to Red Wing.

DETAILS: Cruise start point will be Green Mill restaurant in Hastings. We will start the drivers meeting at 9am and leave for the cruise at 9:30 am. We will take WI 35 from Prescott to Diamond Bluff, to Hagar City, to Bay City, to Warrentown, to Maiden Rock, to Nelson, cross the river to Wabasha and take Hwy 61 to Lake City, to Red Wing, to Coates. Cruise will take an estimated 3-1/2 hours. We will have some fun stops along the way.


RAIN DATE: Saturday May 7th



MnChallengers – Desert Cruise Locations

With Porky’s closed, we’ll need to check out some of the other drive-in’s around town. I’m thinking we should hit the Dairy-Ette and the Minnetonka Drive-In for some “Desert Cruises” this summer for sure.

Best Retro Drive-in

The ’50s-era drive-in across the street from Bishop Lynch High School in Casa View celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, and one bite of a cheeseburger or corny dog, or big gulp of the house-made root beer (especially in a float) explains the longevity. Inside, well-worn red vinyl booths speak of happy days, but you can also park out front, flick your lights, and give your order to a carhop. Frequented by everyone from yard guys on lunch break to cops to vintage car clubs. 9785 Ferguson Rd. 214-327-9983.

MnChallengers – Breakfast Cruise Pics – April 2nd

MnChallengers – Photos from the Breakfast Cruise – April 2nd

We had a great turnout today. I counted 9 Challengers and 1 Viper at Wampach’s when we finished breakfast. Dan caught the short end of the stick again for falling victim to standing behind in line to pay the bill. I’ve been there at least four times over the years and I forget they do not take credit card every time I’m there. Wolfy stepped up and lent me $20, just like he did last year, to help me pay the bill. Mike had the greatest line because he made comment right away when the guy told me they don’t take credit cards. Something to the effect “that’s why I never stand behind him when it’s time to pay for something”. The humor didn’t end there as Larry was making comments to my choice of hat and gloves during the photo shoot. I told him I was going to edit the photo but who has time for that? Speaking of Larry, he launched a new business focused on performance products for the new Challenger. I’ll post an article on that when I get more info.

We gained some new members for the event. It was nice to hear their feedback. We have a great group of people and it shows when you read his comments below.

Comments from our newest members below…

Hi Steve,
We wanted to say again how much we enjoyed our first day with you and the rest of the MnChallengers. Breakfast was tasty and very filling. As I mentioned, we went to Shakopee knowing that the rest of you would be renewing friendships after a long winter and we would be the “outsiders.” Well, we certainly didn’t feel like outsiders. You are part of a very friendly and welcoming group. We are looking forward to joining you folks for other events this summer.

Ron and Lorraine Olson