MnChallengers – Garage Party – Thur Feb 3rd

MnChallengers – Garage Party – Thursday February 3rd

WHAT: Garage Party
WHEN: Thursday February 3rd
TIME: Festivities start at 6pm – Show starts at 9pm
WHERE: Keith’s House in Lonsdale

DETAILS: Talk shop in Keith’s heated garage. Check out the mods he has made to his car on the lift. Play racing games on Xbox 360. Have a friendly competition to see who can get the fastest lap time on Road America in a Challenger. Watch the Ultimate Factories special commercial free in High Definition. 50-inch tv with a DVR in case we miss something or want to watch it again.

PRIZES: The person with the fastest lap time at Road America on the Xbox will receive a 20×30 MnChallengers poster.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: BYOB – Bring Your Own Beverage. We’ll have some Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, coffee and limited supply of beer on hand. Bring something to share food wise; chips, dip, veggies, cheese, sloppy joes, little smokies, etc.

RSVP: Please respond via EMAIL if you’re planning to attend.

Challenger – Ultimate Factories – Feb 3rd

National Geographic Channel – Thursday February 3rd – 9pm CST

National Geographics Ultimate Factories visits the Brampton plant to check out the Dodge Challenger. Stacy Hanson posted a YouTube video of the show on Facebook. I found a second teaser video on the Ultimate Factories website.

MnChallengers – Winter Party – January 29th

MnChallengers – Winter Party – Saturday January 29th

WHAT: MnChallengers Winter Party (Burgers and Racing)
WHEN: Saturday January 29th
WHERE: Buffalo Tap (Savage)
TIME: 11am – 1pm

DETAILS: Join us for the best burgers in town followed by cart racing just a couple blocks down the street. Buffalo Tap in Savage is one of my favorite places to eat and hang out. The atmosphere and food are fabulous. We can talk shop, discuss the events of 2010 and talk about what lies ahead in 2011. With luck, a dvd slideshow of last years events will be playing on the tv’s while we hang out, eat, chat and buy club goodies. We have some club t-shirts left, we’ve got club stickers and we’ve got a dvd slideshow of 2010.

From 11am – 1pm we will hang at the Buffalo Tap for food and beverage. At 1pm we will head over to Pro-Kart for some racing.

11:00 – 11:30 Meet and Greet
11:30 – 12:30 Eat Lunch
12:30 – 01:00 Club Meeting
01:00 – 02:00 Pro-Kart

RSVP: Please respond via EMAIL if you’re planning to attend.

EVENT DISCUSSION: Challengertalk

Buffalo Tap
4990 West 123rd Street
Savage, MN 55378

ProKart Indoor
12500 Chowen Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337

MnChallengers – 2010 Events

MnChallengers – 2010 Events

Meet & Greet – March 2010:

Spring Cruise – April 2010:

Cruise to MCR – May 2010:

Car Craft – July 2010

Cruise to Hastings – August 2010

Cruise to Northfield – August 2010

Cruise to Elmers – October 2010

Fall Cruise – October 2010

Cruise to Automotorplex – November 2010: