MnChallengers – Breakfast Cruise – November

MnChallengers – Breakfast Cruise to Automotorplex – November 7th

“That was a blast. Got to see some great man-caves, cars and spend time with great people who share the same passion. A beautiful autumn day, and 13 gorgeous Challengers made their way from Wampach’s Café to the AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen. Bruno was a gracious host who showed us quite a number of different garages. Really looking forward to the next outing with the Challengers!”

~ Mike Weise

“How many shops did we see today? Looking at Stacy’s pics, I missed at least one of them. I could have spent hours in each one studying the detail. All of them were stunning, over the top, dream shop rated, garage spaces. There were many details to take note of in each space. I am so happy Bruno spent the time to put so many garage visits together for our tour. I don’t think this type of event has been done before at the facility with a group and it was fantastic. Looking forward to doing another event there in the spring.”

~ Steven Benson